Michael Aldrich invented online shopping in 1979 to enable online transaction processing between consumers and businesses or between one business and another, a technique that later came to be known as Ecommerce. Ecommerce in today’s date is used in websites and apps. Since its invention the name is been associated with huge companies or corporation and has given people a perception that it is only used for huge transactions or only by big names only. This notion was cemented by all the companies that use e-commerce, for instance Snap deal, Amazon, Flipkart, and all its brothers and sisters. All the above mentioned companies are billion dollar enterprises, but this doesn’t mean that only they can use Ecommerce. Ecommerce can be used by a small vendor selling groceries just by keeping a Debit Card Swipe machine.

Your business can also be a part of Ecommerce revolution where almost everything is going online from Petrol Payment to Restaurant Bill Payment. With 4web.in, an E-Commerce Website Design and Development Company in India, you too can join the revolution. At as less as Rs.10000 you can have your business online with a website and an integrated Payment Gateway Channel. This will enable you to sell or buy anything on your website without the fuss of sending bills, receiving bills or signing bills. These payment gateways are 100% secured and are used up too on our website. So no more sending the bills to get it signed. No more headache of cheque being passed. With E commerce you can have a quick and rapid payment option. The payment gateway can also be used to pay as less as Rs.20 (as done on app FREE CHARGE). You can also have it in an app to make it even easier.

Amazon and Flip-kart use Ecommerce to sell you bug articles like Televisions & Fridges but the same Woo Commerce Website Development  platform is used by Apps like Grofers, Pepper tap, Big-basket to sell you vegetables. So if you see carefully, Ecommerce is just like a huge giant that just licks its victims WooCommerce Website Development Company in India.

There is no limitation to what you can do with Ecommerce, you just have to be willing to take a leap of faith and sign on with us. We will guide you with each step and make Ecommerce your basic mode of payment.