To Migrate WordPress Website to a New Hosting is a method of moving information to stored on a Website content management system(CMS), Digital asset management(DAM), Document management system(DMS), or flat HTML based system to a new system. Flat HTML content can entail HTML files, Active Server Pages (ASP), Java Server Pages (JSP), PHP, or content stored in some type of HTML/JavaScript based system and can be either static or dynamic content Developed in Migrate WordPress Website to a New Hosting in vadodara,india

If we have been ever changed hosts, you’ll know that migrating a website from one hosting provider to another can be a pain. ManageWP aims to take the pain out of it. We know what a chore it can be to download your site, backup your MySQL database and then try to make sure that everything is deployed correctly on your new server.

With Manage wordpress all you have to do is backup your site, install WordPress on your new hosting account, change your nameservers, and then use ManageWP’s clone tool to redeploy your website. No fiddling around with phpMyAdmin, no messing with your files, just an easy redeployment of your WordPress website..

Migrate WordPress Website to a New Hosting  Steps we’re going to take:

  1. Add Site to Manage WordPress
  2. Create a Backup
  3. Create an Addon domain
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Update your DNS
  6. Upload your Backup
  7. Add your Site to ManageWP again
  8.  Clone Site Using ManageWP
  1. Add Your Site to Manage WordPress

    For detailed instructions on how you can follow this tutorial.

  1. Backup Your Website

    If at  website sidebar, click on the name of the website you wish to migrate and select Backup Now. Backup
    your site. If you need more detailed instructions you can follow this tutorial. When the backup is complete, it
    will be shown inside the Recent Backups widget at the Manage wordpress Dashboard of the site you selected.
    Download the backup on to your computer, making note of its location.

  1. Create an Addon domain

    You have to to create an Addon domain at your new hosting account. This will let you associate your domain
    with this hosting provider. Log into your hosting account and scroll down to Addon domain.Input the domain   of the site your are migrating. An FTP username and document root will automatically be suggested.

  1. Install WordPress

    You now need to install WordPress. You can do this either by using Fantastico or by manual installation. Make  sure to install your site to your addon domain.

  1. Update Your DNS

    Login toward your domain registrar to maintain posted your nameservers. You will require your nameservers from your new hosting account. The screenshots below may differ from what you see. If you need   help changing your nameservers contact your domain registrar.Select “I have specific nameservers for my domains” and input your new nameservers.It may take a few hours for your nameservers to propagate.

  1. Upload Your Backup

    Upload your backup via FTP to your new site. You will use this in the final step to clone the site.Log in to your
    FTP program and upload the entire backup. At this stage it’s helpful if you change your backup’s name to You could place this in /wp-content/, for example.

  1. Re-add your Website to ManageWordpress 

    Once your nameservers have updated, remove your original site from ManageWP and re-add it.
    Remember you’ll need to install the ManageWP Worker plugin.

  1. Upload Your Clone

    Navigate to Backup/Migration > Clone/Migration wizard Choose Backup URL as the source for cloning and input the location of your file. It should be something like

    Click Next.

    Select an Existing Website on Your Account as your location. Make sure to insert your current admin
    username and password

    After clicking on Next, you’ll be presented with the source and the destination you chose for the                             Clone/Migration Wizard and once you click on Clone, the migration process will start.

    After a few minutes, you’ll get a notification that everything went okay.

    Your site has been migrated to a new server!

    Once the clone process has finished, we strongly advise going to your WordPress admin panel and then
    Settings > Permalinks > Save Changes.

    This would recreate the .htaccess file on the site and ensure all of your links are fully functional.