Ecommerce Trends to Move on Endlessly:

Change is an expected part of the dynamicity that discovers the world of the web every fraction of a second.

Where is this change driving us?

Customer satisfaction is the key to business growth. The needs and demands of people vary every time. People’s desire for something different and new is what paves the way for the necessity to change. As we know “necessity is the mother of all inventions” and the need for change dominates the internet. The eCommerce website development 2016 Trends to Move on Endlessly brought along many new trends that we all adopted without hesitation as it was the need of the hour.

E-commerce is one of those platforms where change is happening every day, every hour, every minute and every second. The designer’s job is getting tougher because what is a trend today will take you nowhere if you implement your E-commerce platform across the same tactics tomorrow.

If you can create something new that pulls the chain of an awesome customer experience, then you are the winner. Your ideas will become the innovator, and others will follow the cycle. By setting a benchmark, the people’s expectation about you rises and you have to strive hard and come up with newer and unique E-commerce design ideas that will oust all the trends.

So, what’s next?

Here, we are sharing some of the top E-commerce trends that will stay here always:


1.  Go Mobile:


It seems quite strange to mention this when we are in the 2015th year, and there is no need to explain further why mobile is important for an E-commerce website. Everything is happening over the mobile. Things seem to have taken a new turn when Google made mobile responsiveness the most important strategy for website ranking over the search engines in 2016.

Looks like we are going to design sites for mobile devices rather than thinking of ensuring these are compatible across desktops too. The ease of shopping that mobile devices offer is something beyond imagination. The order gets placed with just a tap on the Smartphone or Android device. There is no more wait and people are free from the effort of roaming around the physical stores in search of what they need.

Shopping experience made straightforward and easy with the emergence of mobile phones.


2. No Clicking, only scrolling:

The “scroll” is set to be the new game-changer of 2021. Although it has been here for some time now, not until recently have designers started noticing that people love to scroll rather than click?

What does this mean?

We are going to make it more fluid rather than stressing people to click through to find what they are searching. When people click, it takes too long for them to find what exactly they need. I once heard a customer say he was through some site that was too complicated and made him click several times before he finally arrived at the product page. And, the horror part is by the time he reached the product page, he forgot what he wanted.

So, designers take the call go for scrolling. No more clicking.


 3. Images Again!

Trends change, but the only thing that was handed down across generations is images. It is the legacy that our designer families have preserved and seems to work magic with customers. I am not talking about just images but using background images that are fuller and take up the whole place.

Product descriptions are incomplete without images, but a Home Page that has an awesome product image in the background is sure to get 45% more customer attention than a blank Home Page with no such images in the background.


 4. Videos create wonders:

When we talk of videos, you might think that how can it be an innovator while it has already won millions of customers’ hearts and has become a necessary strategy for E-commerce sites.

Let me get this straight. You are not creating some silly video out there but something that is going to create magic. People love to see how a product works. You can put up a video that proves the product and how it works eCommerce website developing company based in India.

Or it could be a video on the effort involved in product manufacturing. Your customers would love to meet the team behind the product. Take them to the world behind the screens, introduce your team to the people out there.


5. Content is King and will be forever:

No doubt “Content” will continue dominating the world wide web. We are not discussing the product description but a little more.

Why do you think people want to buy your product if you are not willing to reveal more about it? Honestly, I would never buy a product that does not give me a deeper insight into what it is about and why this product is the best. Also, include some catchy headlines, a few statistics, and other data in your content. We have witnessed the power of infographics.

There is no particular rule for the content that you curate for your E-commerce site. Copywriters know what works well here, and they will give you the content that will rule your consumer’s heart. Provide detailed information about your product. Write longer content, which helps people learn about your product.

Content is the key to your customer’s heart.


6. Connecting through Social Media:

Don’t think twice. Social media is the need of the hour.

Social Media is the next big thing. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram, and others have grown around us. Many businesses around us have found their way into their customer’s hearts via these social media networking channels.

There has been no looking back for these businesses. They keep their clients engaged in their product and their happenings via social media. It is another smart way to increase your customer outreach. People trust the credibility of social media. The number of shares and likes that you acquire over the social media sites is proof of your credibility, and this urges them to try your product.

Many small business setups and start-ups have benefited from Facebook and Pinterest. They have been reaching out to their customers through these sites.


7.  Email Marketing:

Don’t roll out your eyes. It would be the next thing that you need to include in your E-commerce store’s marketing strategy to reach your customers. It is more of personalizing and creating a relationship with people who matter to you.

Humanizing is the new cool. Evoke emotions. People love to connect with these emotions. Offer something attractive. Altogether a beautiful Email will generate responses like never before.


 8. You need a virtual sales force:

See how things can turn sour!

There was a time when companies had to set up call centers to provide customer support. Businesses even used call centers to market their products. But this has a small impact. Studies reveal the same.

A few years back, a friend of mine was always receiving calls from a company’s call center, and all that they were doing was promote their product.

After some time, the follow-ups became too frequent and annoying. It went up to such a level that she rang them back and screwed them for the constant disturbance and pressure that they were putting on her.

Luckily, now we can set up the virtual sales force that you can use to communicate with the people and convince them that they are at the right place and here they will find what they want.


9. Rebirth of popups:

Don’t know whether you have noticed in the past 12 months, the internet is crowded with popups.

These are not the creepy old popups that would do nothing but annoy people. Most of these popups have something to offer. They are giving something free in exchange for Email addresses. This is a tactic that many of the Email marketers are using to get their hands on the contact details of people that matter to them.

Build your Email List with popups. Provide people with something rather than ward them off. These are some of the things that I believe will stay throughout whatever trends come and leave. Do you feel I have left out something or another trend that will stay? Share with me your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions, and help me improve the article further with your contributions.

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