Impact of Voice Search in SEO

Impact of Voice Search in SEO In today’s time, most people have heard of & used Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Google Home Window’s Cortana or Amazon’s Alexa. Now people speak to their phones instead of typing out words in search engines. Voice search has become an important part of people’s habits. This is likely to make significant changes to SEO practices as the way people use their smartphones & keywords used are changing quite rapidly.

The most important thing to remember is that the use of voice search is on the rise among people of all age groups. Initially, when voice assistants were first launched, usage was initially quite low.  But now both usages by people and word recognition accuracy have both improved. Also since people are increasingly using voice search as they can see how easy & quick the process is, search engines are also adapting themselves to these new changes.

Over time, people have adapted quite well to this new technology and are increasingly using it for getting their work done. Its usage has now become quite widespread across the world & is changing the way people are leading their lives. While teenagers & young adults have been quick to adapt & use this technology a lot more, older users are not quite behind either.

A major way that voice search affects SEO is the way some words are heard by personal assistants. Businesses will need to adapt to the way people pronounce their brand names. Another point to be kept in mind is that voice-based searches use longer keywords as compared to traditional type-based searches. This also means that people will use the mobile-based website more in the future. So it means factors like loading speed & look of the mobile site will matter more. Voice-based searches are likely to increase and businesses will need to adapt accordingly to survive.

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