Optimizing Website Maintenance Services – Have it fresh and relevant

Website maintenance is an important aspect of managing your website. Having a website that is out of date is just like having no website at all.  Which is why it’s important to make sure that we try to keep our website’s content up-to-date . Our website maintenance service provides you with easy, cost effective solutions. We can add new features to your website such as photo galleries, banners, forms, social media plug-ins and more to keep it fresh and relevant to the end users.

Website updates- Boost your web content

Visitors who follow want to see the latest information about your products and services, so it’s important that your website’s content is up-to-date. Whenever changes occur in your business, they should also be reflected on your website, as visitors often research a company’s website first before taking further action. Our website maintenance service makes it easy to keep your website current.

Website maintenance pricing- is key

Keeping costs down is important. That’s why we’ve created a cost effective approach for managing your website maintenance needs. How do I find out more? We also offer affordable website maintenance packages. We have a pay-as-you-go service or a range of options for those who require regular updates.

Website security services- How secure can it be

By now, you’d think your website is as secure as it could possibly get, right? Security doesn’t stop at updates, backups and choosing the right host. It also means setting up real time protection and monitoring for any issues. Every website needs certain security services to keep the site itself and it’s visitors safe. Think of these services as yet another layer of defense against hackers who’d love to take over your site.

Maintaining A Real Time Firewall- To keep check on hackers and prevent spam

Hackers are always looking for a way into vulnerable websites. Many site owners with low traffic or those who only collect email address for newsletters might think they don’t need a firewall. Every site needs a firewall because there’s always something of value to a hacker. For instance, if a connection attempt is made to a private file versus a public blog post, the firewall would block it.

It’s like having a locked door to your website. Real time protection is necessary because you never know when a threat may occur. Many web hosts provide firewall software. You can also install your own. Security plugins are available to help set up your own firewall rules and protection along with virus and malware scanning features.

Regular Malware Scans And Cleaning is neccessary

Malware is extremely dangerous. It’s purpose is to collect data and send it back to hackers. If your site is infected, the malware could easily collect users’ login data, credit card information (for ecommerce sites), your own login data and much more. It could also infect files and spread itself to every visitor who clicks certain links or downloads a file.The longer the malware stays hidden on your site, the worse it becomes for your visitors and your site’s reputation.

The Performance Testing And Monitoring

You might not notice any real difference in how your site performs if you have an infection. Performance testing and monitoring tools do notice. These tools check your site regularly to see if there have been any performance changes. For instance, a malware infection could cause your site to load a half second slower because extra files are being loaded.By monitoring any and all performance changes, you know immediately if your site is being bogged down by a virus. These tests aren’t just for security though. They also help you see if any changes you make affect the site’s overall performance.

It’s a simple monitoring step that shows you how long your site is down and exactly when. Even a single hour of downtime is something to be concerned over. Monitoring helps you see if these happen and you can then take steps to prevent it in the future.Many plugins and external monitoring tools along with website maintenance companies are available to help with all types of website security monitoring.


Blocking, scanning and monitoring are three security services no site owner should be without. They’re the final steps in maintaining the most secure website possible. While you might not always be able to prevent every threat, you can find and stop them quickly. Your site and it’s visitors deserve the best security and it’s up to you to deliver.

To further enquire about what specific changes to your website might cost, feel free to request a website maintenance quote. If you have questions, visit the website maintenance page or contact us soonest.