Search Engine Optimization techniques are changing and everyone needs to adapt to the new SEO planet to play it safe with Google’s changing algorithms. As a fact, SEO is an every-changing thing and the key to stay on top of the search engine ranking is to be creative with SEO strategy 2015.People have already adapted to the latest techniques and it is the time to remodel your SEO strategy 2015 and 2016 to stay on the top ranks. Many latest SEO techniques 2015 are already out but here we have compiled the 10 Less Known SEO Techniques of 2015 to Rank Higher.

1.Create Competitions

People want to support their favourite products, brands, ideas or celebrities and visit the competitive forums more. There are various places where people vote for their favourite products and celebrities and support their choices in the comments threads. They also share the links on different social networking platforms and request people to vote for their choice of products and people. The competition of public increases your visits, likes and the time of visits on your website.

2.Go Mobile

Internet surfing and networking is moving from the computers to smaller screens like mobile phones and tablets. Desktop computers and laptops are used more for business and educational purposes. Another reason to make your SEO strategy 2015 more mobile-friendly is the growth and easy access to internet in public places. Making your website mobile friendly includes making it screen responsive, more attractive and lighter. Mobile users admire the websites more which have least possible loading time and lesser pop-ups.

3.Add Variety of Content

For improving the number of visitors and quality and using different media to optimize your website, add variety of content including text content, photos, videos and info graphs. Google algorithms analyse your content on the basis of quality and quantity both and read 700-3000 word articles more educational and informative for the readers. In-depth articles with less repetitive information make your website more qualitative.

4.Improve Your Keywords

For finding the basic keywords and improving your SEO techniques 2015, use search queries of Google Webmaster tools and SEO queries from Acquisitions in Google Analytics. After finding the basic SEO keywords, find out the relevant keywords or make more keywords using the basic keyword. Google links the keywords used in your blog posts and optimizes them for specific niche. For example, Orange is a clothing brand and Orange is a fruit also. If you use Vitamin C and Orange in one article, it will be optimized for fruit niche. But if you use clothing, fashion and style with Orange in one article, it will be optimized for clothing and branding niche. The fresh SEO techniques 2015 also include using long-tail keywords in your articles.

5.Improve the Speed of Your Website

The speed of your website includes the time to load the pages, time to load the photos and play the videos and the speed of responsiveness to different screen sizes. The Page Speed Insights is a tool which keeps a track of the speed of your website and recommends you the techniques to improve the speed. The quality test of your website by Google algorithms also includes the speed of your website. If you want any technical assistance in improving your website quality to enhance search engine ranking you can always contact SEO companies

6.Use Google Publisher to Improve Your CTR

Click through Rate or CTR is improved by bringing credibility to your website. Google algorithms analyse your content on the basis of authenticity and credibility so that the users get educational and informational content from expert resources only. Improve your SEO strategy 2015 by following the given steps.

  • Link your website with your profile.
  • Upload your latest picture in your profile. You may also link your Google profile with social networking sites for more making it more authentic.
  • Provide more information to Google by keeping your personal information section updated. You may also add the box of Author’s profile in the end of your main page design and update latest information about your profession and skills in it.

7.Use Google+ More

According to the latest Google policies, the links shared more on Google+ will be optimized more than those which are shared on other social networking sites. Google+ has a large community of entrepreneurs which will also help you expand your business and find out more contacts in the bigger world.

8.Remove the Errors

If your website has performance or operational errors, Google algorithms will consider them as black hat tactics to increase your search engine ranking. Check the website for crawler errors. Robot fetch errors are common in Webmaster tools. Check the tools and remove the errors. Also remove viruses and fix the broken links.

9.Global SEO Audit

SEO audit is the process of overlooking all your SEO techniques and making sure that you don’t use the techniques which violate the rules set by the search engines. Perform the SEO audit at least once every year to remove all the black hat or unlawful techniques according to latest SEO rules, fix the errors and check the malicious users on your website. Check that your website is optimized for off-page and on-page SEO.

10.Invest in Local SEO

Local SEO refers to the optimization or ranking of your website or web pages when any news or topic related to your local area, city or country is searched. It is different but easier than global SEO as you have more chances to optimize the web pages, improve your ranking in SERPs, improve brand awareness, bring high ROI and improve local to global conversion rate.

Above all, it is important to maintain good patience and wait for your website to be optimized by the search engines. These SEO techniques 2015 will help you to not only.