Are you in to any business? Do you spend time in internet? Are you concerned with marketing for your booming business? Then, here comes the best solution, i.e. Social Media  Social media includes web- and mobile-based technologies which are used to convert communication into collaborating dialogue among organization, people and individuals.

Most Used Social Media Networks By Marketing:

Among the various social networking sites; Twitter is the top social media tool in use by marketer. It holds about 86% of respondents. Twitter is followed by Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube etc.

If you used Social Media is Best Marketing Tool For Booming Business; then you have the greatest positive point and that is; you can do you marketing anytime- day or night by promoting your business, organization, etc via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.

Some New Twitter Tools To Boost Your Marketing:

If you are using twitter on a regular basis; then here below are the list of some new tools to help you increase your twitter marketing efforts.

Twylah:” Make your tweets shine”

Generally your links on Twitter only last for 3 hours. However with Twylah, you can keep alive your tweets for a much longer time. It works in a very simple way. Once, you have set up your own Twylah account, this tool will capture, save and display each of your tweets on your personal Twylah Page. You can do your marketing of your business in a much better way by the help of this tool on Twitter.


If you want to discover the best Twitter content for your business; then here is a wonderful application called” NewsMix”, which took an awesome space in twitter. It helps you discover great topics based on top influences for any topic you are interested in.


Ifttt, is an application that can help you automate your social activities. Ifttt stands for “If this then that”. It allow you to connect any two web services together; like Twitter with Facebook or Twitter with Dropbox.

We will tell you about some ways to use Ifttt for Twitter to make your marketing acts smarter.

  • Send items that you find in Google header and tag with ” Tweet” straight to Twitter with Ifttt.
  • If you post a new picture on Flicker; tweet it automatically with Ifttt.
  • If you publish a new blog post, have Ifttt publish a new tweet now.

E-Commerce Know-How:

E-commerce or Electronic- commerce is the buying and selling of product or services over electronic systems like the Internet or other computer networks.

“E-Commerce Know- How” will let you know how you might use a store blog and other social media sites to promote you store’s brand and gain site traffic and thus increase loyal customers.

 A social media content campaign for your stire brand’s promotion:

“If you know the way to express your idea in a designed manner; then you can impress the world.” This phrase comes true when you keep on a regular updated blog to your online store that would carry a better way of brand promotion. This is not an expensive method and you build your brand and improve conversation rates.

 Gaining Loyal Customers:

A store blog gives you an opportunity to build relationship with customers, which amount to much better sales.

Customers will respond to your blog, once you share what is important to your company and write your blog in a conversational note. Customers will start viewing your store blog and you gain some loyal customers for yourself.

YouTube: A way of promoting your business:

How many of you watch different YouTube video? How many of you upload our favourite  videos in YouTube account? Almost everyone. Have you ever thought about how YouTube could help your business grow? Let us discuss on how YouTube works in increasing your business.

If you can create some interest your brand or products, then it can attract new interest, build company culture, turn inquires in to sales and get you fine business.

Facebook- A Social media Site For Gaining Business:

Every individual is busy in updating status messages every single day, posting photographs for gaining LIKES and COMMENTS, sharing news and causes over Facebook. But how many of you have ever thought to gain business through Facebook? Let you be informed, that a true dedicated entrepreneur must have thought and also applied his marketing idea into Facebook, may it be through status message, or may be through Facebook Page.

Facebook is a powerful tool for building relationships, raising visibility for your brand, and targeting your customer niche. Facebook pages can earn you some handsome amount of customers. Since the Wall feed is usually the main point of entry for your fans and visitors; take it as an opportunity to provide some sort of information, entertainment and utility to your visitors.