In today’s era of innovation, it is very important to present your ideas and business aesthetically. Whether you are designing a website of your own or designing it for a client, it is essential to have an eye-catching design with lots of relevant information in place.

The Internet today is ready to offer you with a plethora of design options. Some come for free while some pinches your pocket. Of some readily available software that you might want to consider when designing a website, WordPress is a good choice. It comes with various themes and plugins of its own which you can customize to fit your needs.


Now the very important question – what you should consider when you are choosing a WordPress theme? While there can be long list for you as per your needs but the following basics can be considered by all WordPress users as a checklist.

1. The design – My requirements? How responsive?
Who are my customers? How interesting and user-friendly I want to make my website? What kind of content shall I be presenting? These are some of the key questions that you should ask yourself. The world has moved from desktops to handhelds and you must consider all such tech geeks for whom the world is in their smartphone and tablets.

2. Speed of the themes
Watch for those feature-heavy options of themes. Do you really them? Or you want to customize accordingly. A wise choice here will save you a lot on your after -efforts

3. Support on third party plug-ins, compatibility
When you have zeroed down on a particular theme, you should now check for the usage and compatibility around the various plugins that come from third party vendor. While all of them should work seamlessly, it is always advisable to do your research well. Also check how compatible different plugin are that are offered as the part of theme, with other plugins you need to use, when you have chosen for a paid or a premium theme.

4. The Price you pay – Free or Premium
You will come across a wide option of free themes. But if you are designing something to call your own, look at shelling out some extra bucks for that great looking and awesome premium theme. Choosing a premium customizable theme may save you a lot from hiring a developer. Also look out for after sales support that might be less impressive when you choose a free theme. Moreover considering auto updates and how they will impact your choice is also crucial.

5. Pricing modes – One-time, Recurring or Membership
Once you have made your choice for a paid theme, now it’s time to see the payment options. You will have many options – onetime for some bulk themes, recurring payment when you buy as you require them or you are offered a membership availing which you can choose from a wide array of themes. A one-time payment theme with free future upgrades is the most popular choice.

6. Just choose someone well known and reputed
Check reviews by other users. Once you read reviews, you would understand the facts. This would definitely prove to be of great help in taking the decision.  Better to choose someone reputed in the industry rather than relying upon some stranger.

7. Look for a theme which is SEO optimized
You may want to do some quick checks on your browser before blindly trusting the seller, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization friendliness of the theme. Just make sure that you look out for a theme that is SEO optimized. You can also hire Expert Seo Services to get the optimized theme for your company